26908-logoCommunication is important for our community and for those who may be seeking a church community. One important tool of communication is our website, which reaches out to the public and provides current information and a record of our history for our active community and for those who are searching. It is where we tell our story.

Regular communication also includes our weekly emails, and our monthly Advocate newsletter where we can provide more complete communication to keep all our members engaged and informed.

We are beginning to use the internet more and more, so we need to keep your email address up to date.

Annually we update our parish directory and it is important for internal communication for our growing community.

Communications and Evangelism Committee:

If you would have an interest in helping provide communication efforts, we would love to have you join the the Communications and Evangelism Committee. This group meets monthly and we are looking for parish members who would like to do some writing or photography.