offering plateStewardship is our response to God’s gifts to us. As a community, part of our opportunity as members is to offer ourselves and our money for the work of God. We do that by making commitments we call pledges. Those pledges include our time and talent and our money.

Pledge Offerings

Each spring, the Stewardship Committee of St. John’s asks each member to make a pledge seeking a commitment from all parish members of their time, talent, and treasure to St. John’s. This allows our church to plan for St. John’s financial commitments and our ministries for the coming year.

Our 2018-2019 Stewardship campaign has begun. Please click on the link below to print the sign up for automatic monthly pledge direct withdrawal.

Direct Debit Authorization Form – (click here to print form)

Time And Talent Offerings

The offering of our time and talent is a way of getting involved, growing, creating friendships, and personally making a difference. We have many volunteer opportunities, whether it’s helping in the garden or teaching Sunday school or working in homeless shelters. We invite each person to look at the different ministries described on our website and help St. John’s by being involved with one or more of them.

Money Offerings

The biblical standard for giving is 10% (a tithe). Few of us start there. We encourage everyone to begin that process by giving a portion of their income and growing through this spiritual practice. Through our financial support, the work of the church is carried out locally, regionally, and globally.


Stewardship is for everyday need but the Endowment provides for the future life of St. John’s. The Endowment fund receives gifts and bequests of any size. There is a board that oversees our investment and disbursement from the fund. The current ministries are funded by the interest on the investment’s principal. We encourage people to remember St. John’s in their wills.