Godly Play is the program we provide for our young children on Sunday mornings. Children are invited to become part of the Godly Play Community where they will learn about the value of sacred space.

Godly Play provides a place to learn how to quiet our hearts. Children learn about love and respect in the Godly Play room through interactions. Children hear stories from the Bible in ways that engage them in the story.

Children also learn about how we in the Episcopal Church tell God’s story through our worship. If your children have not experienced Godly Play on a Sunday morning, you are encouraged to bring them so they can share in the Godly Play Community.


9:10 AM  – Godly Play for children ages 4 to 3rd grade

Living the Good News for 3rd through 6th grades

(Located on the 2nd floor of the Education Building)

Journey to Adulthood (7th through 12 grade)