Sermons from September 2016

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Pentecost 18 Sermon – September 18, 2016

Today’s gospel is a reminder about a couple of things. When we get anxious about money, status, power, the letters behind our name, the car we drive, the clothes we wear, we are using our energy and resources solely on ourselves. Christians are called to be shrewd about recognizing God’s grace in our lives and sharing it. We are called to “love things heavenly” by caring for God’s creation, seeking justice and peace for all people and seeking and serving Christ in all who we meet.

September 4, 2016 Sermon – Pentecost 16

Becoming a disciple of Jesus requires careful discernment. The choices made do matter. And to reinforce his point Jesus then uses two examples. He tells the crowd, just like before you would launch a building project, you’d first try to figure out just how much you would need to finish the job. If one does not plan the building carefully, there will not be enough materials to finish what was started, and the builder will be open to ridicule. Then Jesus goes on to give another example. For the rulers of the nations, the stakes are even higher. No king goes to war without first calculating if he has enough resources to win the battle. If he is greatly outnumbered, he can arrange a peace treaty instead; otherwise, he could face complete annihilation.