Campaign Kick-off

Count Us In! Letter

Count Us In! Pledge Card

“I know that church. I was there for a concert this year. Beautiful”
“This looks like a church that is growing and has its act together.”
“It is so much easier bringing in supplies for the freezer sale. Even though we park further away, I can just put everything on a cart and wheel it right up the ramp. No more lugging things up the steps.”
“Our church (another downtown congregation) needs to renovate and we keep talking and talking about it, but everyone’s afraid to do anything. So nothing gets done.”
“We live over on East Market St. and have admired this church for so long. We just wanted to come and see what it was like inside. It is so beautiful.”
“I just love the choir room. I can’t believe how nice it is. I was afraid it was going to be a dungeon but it’s amazing.”

Naming Opportunities
We built a facility to support a living, breathing, twenty-first century congregation. Yes, it was costly. Great steps forward usually are. Generous parishioners laid the first foundation of support, and many of those same parishioners are currently renewing or increasing their pledge commitments. In the coming weeks, every one of us will be asked to invest in this parish, some perhaps for the first time.
One of the options to consider is naming an area of the renovation that is important or meaningful to you and your family. Some have already been named but others are available at all contribution levels ranging from the elevator, choir room and archives to furnishings and finishes in a specific area. Several families or even an organization within the church may wish to go together to name something. A gift may be made anonymously in honor of an individual as was done with the nursery. Naming opportunities do not require immediate cash outlay but may be based on pledge amounts allowing for multiple year payments. A new pledge may also be combined with a previous pledge to qualify for a naming opportunity.
If you would like more information regarding naming opportunities, please contact Fr. Doug, Kendall Menzer, Sr. Warden or Jim Gleba, Jr. Warden.