The Elizabeth Bonham Mission Fund is one of the ways that St. John’s is able to do mission work around the world.

This money is a trust held by M & T Bank on behalf of the Historical Society of York County, the Conservation Society of York County, and the Rector, Wardens, and Vestry of St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church.

The income from the money held in trust is to be used for “the advancement of the Mission work of the Protestant Episcopal Church at large.”

In 1967, a meeting was held to determine how this money would be handled by the parish. An Advisory Committee was established to include the Rector, Wardens, Secretary, and Treasurer of the Bonham Fund. This committee receives all inquiries and recommends to the Trustees appropriate action. The Vestry meets in the spring and fall as the trustees of the Bonham Fund for the distribution of funds and administration of the Fund.

The Trustees of the Elizabeth S. Bonham Mission Fund meet twice a year, in early November and early May, to review grant requests received during the previous six months.

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Approved Guidelines for Granting Funds