Held every year on the Saturday before Thanksgiving, the Divine Delights Freezer Sale offers a variety of homemade soups, entrees, side dishes and pies made primarily from locally sourced ingredients with all proceeds going toward outreach ministries. Faithful parishioners spend every Saturday from mid-summer through November preparing these wonderful offerings, engaging in fellowship while pie crusts are rolled, sauces are stirred and dishes are washed. All items are packaged and labeled with ingredients and directions for preparation. A state of the art bake sale is held in conjunction with the Freezer Sale with beautifully displayed gourmet baked items. We always welcome new participants in the sale and there is a job for everyone—even if you don’t cook.
This year will be especially exciting as we present the sale in our magnificent and fully accessible newly renovated facilities.
• This year’s sale is Sat. Nov. 19 at 9 AM in the parish hall. Enter through the new glass vestibule doors and follow the signs.
• New pricing structure in place and credit cards can now be accepted!
• New items include Spinach Stuffed Shells, Taco Pulled Chicken, Cheesy Chilada Bake, French Onion Rice, Williamsburg Sweet Potatoes and Apple Gingerbread Cobbler.
• Return of our “greatest hits” like Shepherd’s Pie, Chicken Corn Soup, Mac and Cheese, Derby Pies, Quiches and English Pot Pies.
• Many items available in small, one-two serving packages.
• Check out our Divine Delights Freezer Sale facebook page.
• Separate craft fair, “Let Your Light Shine” with proceeds from items sold designated for the building project.
Watch this space for posting of official menu and price list! Contact either of the Freezer sale Chairs, Sandy Aulbach at smaulbach@hotmail.com or Janice Wilhelm at janicewilhelm65@gmail.com for more information or if you would like to participate.

Pie Making for the Freezer Sale