zitas guildSt. Zita lived in Italy in the 1200’s and was Canonized in the 1500’s. She is a favorite in England, the birth place of the Anglican Communion. St. Zita cared fully for the home of her lord, while also performing the charitable deeds that led to her sainthood. She even convinced others to join her in unselfish, compassionate good works.

In 2010, we began the formation of St. Zita’s guild. The guild will be responsible for making sure that the many chores that are required to maintain our parish are performed. With the reductions in our budget, we have reduced our paid staff, as a result there is a need to get projects done by getting volunteers to offer their talent.

The goal is to get at least one member from each parish household to join the guild. Many of the activities are only done occasionally and require just a little bit of time. Others are a bit more rigorous. The volunteer list will be made available to all the guild members. The ministries include Altar Linens, Bulletin Board, Church Yard, Community Neighborhood, Hospitality, In The Church, Kitchen, Newcomer/Evangelism, Office, Office Clean-up and Vestment.

We look to emulate St. Zita as we perform the chores once done by paid staff at St. John. In addition to work though we want the guild to provide fellowship and fun as well. For information on joining the guild, you may contact the Ministry Coordinator.

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