choir1Anglicans have a rather “catholic” view of music in church. Music is a form of sung prayer and not just “inspirational entertainment.” Music and song are an essential part of the liturgy.

Various parts of the service are sung to provide transitions as we move through the drama of the liturgical act.

We are blessed at St. John to have exceptional choirs and the excellent leadership of Rodney Barnett, organist and choir director. Rodney has brought renewed energy and knowledge to an outstanding music ministry.

childrens choir.jpgFrom the earliest times the people of God have expressed in music those feelings that cannot be fully expressed in words. St. John’s music program seeks to provide a place for all to praise God through their gift of music.

Senior Choir:
Senior choir is a mixture of male and female voices that sings at the 10 a.m. service. They sing a wide range of choral repertoire in the Anglican tradition. Rehearsals are Thursday evenings.

Handbell Choir:
Handbell choir is for adults and teenagers. They play about once a month, and for all major Feast days.handbell